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Track: FPS / Artist: Divine Minds & SoulKlap / Album: G.U.T.S. (Give Up The Sticks) Hosted by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban


I wish this had been my first post when I started posting music on TAY. Especially since this is a gaming site.

I'm not a huge fan of Nerdcore, but I have to say that I love this album. Mostly because it's not just a Nerdcore LP, but a conceptual one as well. I feel that the overall concept of this album speaks to a much larger majority of gamers. Especially the older generation. Plus Hip Hop artist James John is a pretty decent Lyricist in his own right.


Rather than me having to explain the overall feel of this LP, Here's a quote from The main lyricist of G.U.T.S James John of the group Divine Minds:

This project represents where we are at right now. We're not young cats anymore. We're not kids anymore. We're definitley not fully adults. We're kind of like in a weird in between stage. This project is thinking back to times when we didn't have shit to worry about. Our imaginations were free. So that's the main thing I went for writing wise on the CD. Getting back to that place with a completely free mind, and I am seeing a lot of people I know getting trapped by life in general. They are forgetting about their dreams and stuff they wanted to do. This is us telling people don't forget how you were and don't forget what we were on back in the day. That's Give Up the Sticks in a nutshell.

- James John of Divine Minds

This album isn't just great because its got good beats, rhymes, and is about video games. It's also great because it's free. You gotta love it when there's a lot of time and energy put into a free mixtape/album. And this has got that in spades. So download G.U.T.S. today


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